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Lotus Estate FaQ

Lotus Estate is located at Sala, along Itokin-Ketu Road, Epe Town (the road leading to Ikorodu); a fast-emerging real estate development hub located in the coastal and new industrialization on zone of Lagos State. : 


  • Lekki Free Trade Zone.
  • Proposed Internaonal/Cargo Airport
  • Lekki Deep Seaport.
  • Isimi Lagos Estate
  • Epe Resort & Spa,
  • Atlantic Hall Secondary School
  • Dukia Africa

300 Sqm
N3.2m – 0 to 3 Months Outright Payment
N3.7m – 0 to 6Months
Inial Deposit of N1million (thereaer N540,000 each for the preceding 5 months)

N6m- 0 to 3 months outright payment.
N6.5M- 0 to 6 months
Inial Deposit of N1million (thereaer N1,100, 000 each for the preceding 5 months)

 YES, Corner plots aract a 15% surcharge on the original price.

YES, there are and it attracts a 25% surcharge on the actual price

The land is free from every known encumbrance and no claimant on the Land.

  • Registered Surve y – N350,000 per Plot.
  • Deed of Assignment – N120,000 per Plot.
  • Development Fee (preliminary) – N2,500 per SQM.

Note: Development fee is subject to change for overdue undeveloped plots aer purchase

  • Perimeter Fencing.
  • EstateGateHouse
  • Paved Roads
  • Good drainage system
  • Recreation facilies
  • Electricity Transformer
  • Perimeter Fencing.
  • EstateGateHouse.
  • Earth Road.
  • A duly executed receipt of purchase
  • Contract of Sale
  • Invoice
  • Copy of Survey plan (after payment for the survey plan)
  • Deed (after payment for the legal document)
  • Letter of allocation when duly ready and at me of physical allocation

The road leading to Lotus Estate is very motorable, along a well-tarred road with close proximity to the Lekki-Epe expressway.

Free Hold and Registered Survey.

YES, the deposit payment is allowed (N1,000,000 for both 600Sqm and 300Sqm)

i. You will be expected to pay the balance within the particular selected tenor; nonpayment or completion within the specified tenor will be treated as a breach of contractwhich will attract a 5% default/ late payment charge on the outstanding balance.

ii. Where you fail to complete the payment at the expiration of your payment plan, there will be
a possible termination or revocation of the contract and the plot reservation will be forfeited.

iii. Where the default spans for over a period of one (1) month after the due date, the
company shall be entitled to revoke the sale/ plot reservation and refund payment made
but less 30% for administrative charges.

The transaction is interest free within the payment tenor of 3 months after which interest is

Not entirely, however the estate/ plots are designated for residential and commercial
buildings. Shops alongside the residential building, as well as tenement house type (otherwise
known as face me and face you), are not permitted in the estate. An area has been designated
for commercial plots only.

Physical Allocation of Plots will be done periodically upon complete payments.
: Please note that payment for the Survey Plan, Deed of Assignment, and Preliminary
Developmental Fee is a prerequisite to the physical allocation of plots to individuals.

YES, but the company has to be duly notified for documentation purposes. You can also notify
the Company by mail or written instructions to facilitate the resell of your plot if/ when you so

You have a guarantee of 100% ROI within a conservative period of 12 months.

YES, the refund shall immediately be authorized for processing (with a 3 months’ notice
period) and it shall be less 30% being administrative & handling charge.

All cash payments/transfers should be deposited into the under-listed bank accounts, bank
draft or cheque(s) in favour of  BELLTOUN PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. We will not be
held liable for any form of payment made to any consultant or individual.

GTB: 0666433083 

PROVIDUS BANK : 5401172080

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